If you are a business and want to reduce your absenteeism and increase your productivity call or e-mail us to discuss your requirements.

Our portfolio of services include:

A single 1 hour talk – This talk focuses on the basics of spinal care, crisis management and injury prevention. This is packed full of useful information utilising the latest published research.

A series of 4 talks and workshops – structured program of talks with practical workshop each lasting approximately 1 hour.

Topics covered include the components of a healthy spine, degeneration, arthritis, core stability exercises, useful websites on the internet.

We can also offer ongoing support and training.


Regardless of the whether the injury happens at home or at work, an employee being out of work will cost you money.

The benefits to you and your business are:

Staff awareness of the warning signs of back and neck pain

Structured guidelines should these warning signs occur

Reduced absenteeism in work and a quicker return to work

Reduced sick pay due to neck and back pain

Healthier Employees

We can save your business Money and Time

We only recommend proven treatments and strategies.

Choose the best.

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