Growing asparagus and healing your spine




Here is a picture of my new asparagus bed and the first shoots of the new asparagus plants.
There are 33 principles in chiropractic. Principle 6 states all processes require time. With asparagus when you plant it you have to wait 3 years before you begin to harvest it. You have to take care of it, allow it to grow and resist the urge to harvest it. This is a tough lesson in time when you consider the care and attention required to keep the plant healthy before it produces. The same can be true of any process. With healing it also takes time. It may not take 3 years to see the difference in your spine healing but it still takes time.

According to research it takes about 12 months for a healing process of soft tissues (muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments) at cellular level. Yes your pain will most likely be gone a lot quicker than that, however, if you don’t give it a chance to heal properly there will be a long term price to pay.

After your spine has healed time must then be taken to strengthen your spine. This is where a lot of people don’t understand the necessity of strengthening your spine. They are usually going round in circles of relapses each one a little more intense and frequent than the one previous.

If you want a healthy asparagus crop year after year it must be taken care of it regularly and the same rules apply for your spine, regular care is needed to keep it healthy.
Eat some asparagus this summer and take some time to take care of your health and your spine.

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Educating people about chiropractic at the vegan fair in penarth




Many thanks to Sue Thomas for organising a great event

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Enjoying the fruits of your hard work




As we collect the summer harvest we can see the benefits of our hard work in the garden. The smell of fresh tomatoes and the bright colours of beetroots and cucumbers are great reminders of the wonders of nature. The fruit trees are heavy with ripe fruit just waiting to be picked. As it is with taking care of your health you should be seeing very noticeable differences with your health after a few months of hard work. Your posture should be better and some muscle mass should be visible. Further improvements like better digestion, better sleep and more energy should also be noticeable. A combination of strength, endurance and flexibility exercises will give you the best all round benefits.

Having gone through the process of growing vegetables or getting healthier the next cycle is easier as your habits should be formed. Getting off the sofa for a walk or cycle should be automatic and this is especially important when the weather outside is not so nice and inviting. If you haven’t started healthy habits yet, now is the time to begin your preparation. Get your trainers out from the back of the wardrobe, get your bike tyres pumped up and oil the chain ready to start your new healthy habits.
The hard work for most projects is done when no-one else is looking, so whether it’s going for a walk or digging the soil for next years’ planting the best time to start is now.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the next best time to plant a tree is today”

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Springing forward into summer




As we progress through the spring the first shoots of fruits and vegetables are starting to become visible. The preparation and patience is becoming evident. The same is true with new healthy habits, as in the beginning there may not be much visible change. Don’t get disheartened at this stage though, this is the time to stick with your plan and build healthy habits. The visible changes may only be 6 weeks away, however, in most cases you may be noticing some internal changes such as more energy, better sleep, improved digestion and clearer thinking. Continue with your regular activity, healthy eating and getting your spine checked regularly and you will enjoy the warm summer weather even more.

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Farming and your health




As I harvest the last of the vegetables from this year’s summer we can see the results of the hard work done early in the spring and the regular attention needed during the summer. Keeping healthy is like farming, your health needs regular attention. If a farmer doesn’t tend to his fields he is not surprised when they are overgrown with weeds and there are no crops. A lot of people are surprised when they go through an episode of back pain or a health challenge and they say to me “I didn’t do anything” or “I don’t understand where it came from”. Upon discussion the causes are usually similar and exactly as they have said, they didn’t do anything. When you ask them if they have had their spine checked regularly or if they have been exercising regularly they are usually too busy or too tired. Just as a farmer is never too tired or busy to tend to his crops, if you are too busy to tend to your health you will at some point have to make time for ill-health. As the winter begins to draw upon us, now is the time to make plans for healthy habits that will help get you through the winter. I’d suggest beginning with getting your spine checked regularly, getting some exercise regularly and eating some good quality food regularly.

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Anti fragile and your spine




I had the pleasure of hearing Nassim Nicholas Taleb speak at the hay festival over the weekend about his new book Anti fragile. He states there are 3 types of systems; fragile, robust and anti fragile.

He believes that the opposite of fragile is not robust but actually anti fragile, something that gets stronger when put under stress.

We can apply this principle to our spine in a straight forward manner.

Is your spine fragile? Does it break down and cause you symptoms when put under physical or emotional stress? Does your neck start to tighten up and give you headaches when you are put under some mental stress or do you develop some lower back pain after doing some DIY or gardening ?

Are you robust? You can handle physical and emotional stress but it does not make you stronger.

Are you anti fragile? When you experience a stressful situation physically and emotionally you come through it stronger.

If you are not exercising frequently and having your spine checked I would suggest you are likely to have a fragile spine and are the mercy of the next stressful event in your life whether it be physical, with a day in the garden or mental with the stresses that come with modern life

If you are robust you can handle the stresses of life but are never changing, although we must be mindful that our bodies are aging. You keep meeting the same challenges in life and in the short term are getting neither stronger nor weaker.

If you are exercising frequently having your spine checked and corrected when required you should be getting stronger from your life experiences. You feel stronger after a physical challenge such as a day in the garden or a week of stressful living. You likely have an anti fragile spine.

He does also state that after a stressful event a period of recovery is required to allow the body and mind to strengthen

Being proactive means taking care of your spine and health before you hit the mental or physical stressor.

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Dailyspine clinic is proud to support drug free cycling




Here at dailyspine we are proud to support the bikepure cause of keeping cycling a clean and fair sport. Well done to Myles and Andy for all their hard work. See their website at On the site you can see Sean’s advice on keeping injury free during the cross training season for cyclists.

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Congratulations to all our patients who completed the Cardiff half marathon last week.

Well done and delighted to hear no injuries have been reported.

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