Farming and your health




As I harvest the last of the vegetables from this year’s summer we can see the results of the hard work done early in the spring and the regular attention needed during the summer. Keeping healthy is like farming, your health needs regular attention. If a farmer doesn’t tend to his fields he is not surprised when they are overgrown with weeds and there are no crops. A lot of people are surprised when they go through an episode of back pain or a health challenge and they say to me “I didn’t do anything” or “I don’t understand where it came from”. Upon discussion the causes are usually similar and exactly as they have said, they didn’t do anything. When you ask them if they have had their spine checked regularly or if they have been exercising regularly they are usually too busy or too tired. Just as a farmer is never too tired or busy to tend to his crops, if you are too busy to tend to your health you will at some point have to make time for ill-health. As the winter begins to draw upon us, now is the time to make plans for healthy habits that will help get you through the winter. I’d suggest beginning with getting your spine checked regularly, getting some exercise regularly and eating some good quality food regularly.

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