Sean O Maoltuile is the founder of Dailyspine Consulting and editor of The Dailyspine Review.

My Mother and I on top of Pen-y-fan – Summer 2010

Prior to taking over Cannon Chiropractic and developing it into The Dailyspine Clinic in 2009 Sean spent over 5 years working with his anatomy lecturer, Dr Amo Wong, in Bridgend. During this time he developed his clinical skills and furthered his anatomical knowledge.

As a clinician, speaker and author, Sean O Maoltuile endeavours to be a solid foundation for repairing, building and maintaining healthy spines and bodies.

Dailyspine Consulting offers a way forward for managing and preventing spinal conditions ranging from working with finely tuned athletes to keeping severely degenerated spines moving. As the saying goes: use it or lose it.

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